In cooperation and partnership with Egyptian Resorts Company (ERC) and Stroke for Egypt Academy,
Christmas and New Year Championship is scheduled for the duration
from December 24th 2014 till January 2nd 2015 in Sahl Hasheesh.
Enjoy a sportsmanship atmosphere, athletic attitude, motivational spirit ...
this is all about passion and swimming is our passion, come join us and experience that most extraordinary scenery
in Sahl Hasheesh enjoyed by world's top swimmers and water polo players .

Among the water polo teams participating are from England, Greece, Russia, USA, Canada, Hungry, Montenegro ,
Kuwait & Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, round (14) open water professional swimmers, (27) open water special needs swimmers,
(28) synchronized swimmers, and more than (100) one hundred Egyptian swimmers both fits and special needs.

The event will feature extending the Egyptian flag over the red sea waters in a clear message to the world that Egypt is safe,
secure and a perfect place for various investment, such event with be filmed via a military helicopter
as done during April 2014 event in Marriott Hurghada.

The tentative event schedule is as follows :

Wednesday Dec. 24th ---------- Delegations Arrival / accommodation
Thursday Dec. 25th -------------- (Press Conference) Water polo matches / Synchronized swimming duet
Friday Dec. 26th -------------------Flag Extension + 2km special needs
Saturday Dec. 27th ---------------Water polo matches + 5km fits
Sunday Dec. 28th --------------- Water polo matches + Synchronized swimming solo
Monday Dec. 29th --------------------- 10km fits
Tuesday Dec. 30th -------------------- Water polo + Synchronized swimming show
Wednesday Dec. 31st --------------- ( Final Press Conference )
...Synchronized swimming show + Final water polo - new year's even in the sea @ mid night
Thursday Jan. 1st 2015 ------------------------- Hang over .......

Stroke for Egypt Academy has invited both local and international media including BBC, CNN
and Reuters to cover the event in all kinds of media.


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