New Year Swim Event at Sahl Hasheesh Blog

After the great success of the Stroke For Egypt international swim event Vol.#1
We are proud to anounce that New Year we will be swimming with You in the crystal clear water
of the Sahl Hasheesh / Red Sea / Egypt. More detail will be out in public soon.
In a mean time we have dedicated this BLOG section of our WebSite to be constantly in touch with our viewer 
to keep You posted, to interact with You and to reply on all Your questions. GET Involved now ;)

Sahl Hasheesh Egypt

So Far confirmed:

Water Polo Montenegro Delegation

Water Polo City of Manchester ( UK )

We are arranging for International Water Polo Club - Inter located in Los Alamitos - California USA to come as well
as a few elite open water swimmers and special needs as well...

Further We are in process of receiving the confirmations of the following delegations :

1) Greece
2) Hungary
3) St. Petersburg
4) Kuwait
5) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
6) Canada

Team of Stroke For Egypt wish You a lovely day...



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