We are two passionate / patriot swimmers, loving both Egypt and Swimming.
Captain Khaled Shalaby
the First World swimmer with special needs to cross the English Channel with one arm August 1983, World Special Needs Championships during 1990 in Holland...

Single Handed in Life

Life is challenging, yet being single handed is exceptionally motivational.

Born with a natural disability was not the end of the world, yet a motive to prove that life is a continuous challenges. Going through many hurdles, negative attitudes and de-motivation, Life has taught me to trust god, keep a positive spirit, work hard with a focus on s specific target, devote and commit to reach your goal.

Holding the British citizenship, awarded several trophies, certificates and worldwide recognition, Captain Khaled Shalaby the First World swimmer with special needs to cross the English Channel with one arm August 1983 in a time of 16 hours and 20 minutes, participated World Special Needs Championships during 1990 in Holland, Egyptian Handball national team member during the 70s, second place in a 24hour indoor continuous swim to raise funds for Cancer patients in cooperation with the Egyptian / Belgium Friendship Association 1986 are my major achievements.

The British government appreciated his efforts to better their environment by inviting him to the House of Lords; as well as 10 Downing St. , English Prime Minister Residence, well reputable attitude towards his local community and well recognized, Shalaby is a distinguished, highly ranked athlete with a special passion for Swimming and being Egyptian by birth has made him an extra ordinary person.

"Difficulties in your life don't come to destroy you, but to help you realize your hidden potential "

A highly inspired and motivated Egyptian, committed to excellence & targeting perfection, trying to better Egypt's case in the international media by organizing open water / swimming event in Hurghada , Promoting " Sports Tourism" and the corresponding para-tourism activities for our beloved EGYPT.

Be happy with what u have while working for what u want .....

Captain Sherwitte Hafez, a Master Olympic swimmer, having the honor to represent our beloved country EGYPT in 1984 Los Angeles 24th Olympiad, with a long history and expertise in swimming, winning the gold medal in 4th All Africa Games 1987, participating in two consecutive Mediterranean Games 1983 in Casablanca- Morocco, 1987 in Latikia - Syria,
Best Swimmer in the American University in Cairo for the years 1995-1988.

Passionate to swimming and sportsmanship, Sherwitte has working in the field of administration for the past 23years, mastering teamwork motivational strategies, acquired competent managerial capabilities, yet never lost sight / taste of sports, Mrs. Hafez is a devoted a swimmer and very proud Egyptian, the fact that was of great motive for her to join forces with Captain Khaled Shalaby to establish
" Stroke for Egypt Academy " prompting " Sports Toursim " with special focus on swimming

"Age is just a number and it is actually how you view and perceive yourself that counts", currently a member of Gezira Club Masters Swim Team, record holder of her age group in several events, Sherwitte has a long term target of winning a medal in FINA Masters World Championships in Kazan-Russia 2015.

Stroke for Egypt Academy develops unique swimmers who are DANGEROUS WHEN WET !!!!!

Stroke for Egypt is / will have alliances, partners and sponsors, many of which will be advised as the academy is still under construction.

In the meantime, we are establishing the solid / soft infrastructure to develop and grow on accurate / ambitious business plan.

We are recently won the sole agency ( representation ) of Channel Swimming Association (CSA) in the Middle East and North Africa, we are responsible for all / any channel crossing attempts for all fits / special needs talented swimmers, we evaluate, supervise train, prepare swimmers, physically and psychologically to cross the English Channel and a brief on CSA is as follows :

CSA mission statement has changed very little since we were founded in 1927-it has always been and continues to be the promotion of sea swimming in safety

The Sport of Channel Swimming traces its origins to the latter part of the 19th Century when Captain Matthew Webb made the first observed and unassisted swim across the Strait of Dover swimming from England to France in 21 hours and 45 minutes. - See more at:

CSA respresented in Stroke for Egypt Academy assists and advises swimmers who intend to make a Channel attempt. It regulates the conduct of such attempts - and aims to further the Sport of Channel Swimming.

Whether you are making a solo attempt or are part of a relay, always remember that you are part of a team. Your family, your own friends and colleagues, your team on board the escort boat, your observer, your pilot and his crew will all have helped to make your dream come true.

The Channel is one swim where teamwork is all-important.

Good Luck ! with Stroke for Egypt Academy, we are your teamwork ....


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