Year round training facility for national teams and clubs from various countries
as well as being able to host of major swimming championships organized by FINA...

Our facility will be equipped with a high technology heating and filtration systems as well as aiding tools and infrastructure to help special needs mobilize and swim including an escalator. Our pool sea view will be a unique scene which is considered an added value to the community.
We will be operating swimming schools for public residents, recreational festivals during public holidays to serve the community and above all our facility will posses all needed peripheral facilities such as gym, spa, etc...

Stroke for Egypt Academy offers the following services year round:

1- High Level - Peak Performance Swimming Training Camp including pool lane rental, i.e. swim training for any duration in 50m and 25m pool for both fits and special needs swimmers worldwide.

2- Accommodation in 5* motels within the center facility, conference room available and equipped with data show for underwater filming and biomechanical analysis.

3- A full range of organic healthy meals are offered.

4- Land Training / Gym use, enjoying spa, sauna ....etc. facilities

5- Supervise, train, coach, evaluate talented swimmers both fits & special needs to cross the English Channel

6-Airport meet and assist service and transfer to training camp facility

7-Lesiure - quality family fun time activity using our special recreational pool including Jacuzzi

8- Pool equipped with "Endless Pool" machine with a distance tracer, to realize the benefits of daily aquatic exercise, family fun, health and fitness, aquatic therapy and Pure Enjoyment.

9- Holding international annual events and championships to prompt Sports Tourism and develop swimming and market for Channel Swimming Association open water swimming across the Middle East and North Africa




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